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Any good pellet pistols for training?

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Hi everyone;

With the worst ammo shortage I have ever seen in full swing, I'm thinking of my summer training schedule. I usually burn through 2-3,000 rounds of .22lr per month, and maybe 2-300 rounds of 9x19 in a similar timeframe. As of now it looks like I won't be able to get anywhere near those requirements met, and my stock isn't bad but I don't want to run it down since I can't replace it.

So, I am using an RWS34 pellet rifle to keep sharp there, and am thinking of a good quality pellet pistol to use at something like my old .22lr rates, since for now I'm not having trouble getting pellets and have a pretty decent stock on hand in any event. Drop the .22lr down to centerfire levels and put centerfire practice on hold until things settle down to keep from running out my stockpile.

Suggestions for a good, super durable (have to be the way I use 'em) .22 pellet pistol in the under $400 range?

All the best,
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Slide action or revolver?

If revolver you can use rubber bullets or wax loads. Draw from a holster/concealment or just plain old dry fire is also productive. About 10,000 cycles will help build the muscle memory. Then you can stay sharp with much less practice.

I had a buddy buy a Beretta PX4 storm. I've shot one magazine when we first took it out, and then another mag several weeks later. I chewed out left of center on the bullseye at 10 yards at a pace of about 2-3shots per second. Even I was surprised because it was only the second time I shot it. His comment was "you shoot my gun pretty well", and my reply was it felt enough like one of my old 1911's it was easy with the SA trigger he had on it.

My point being I cut my teeth on the 1911 one summer (about 8-10 years ago) shooting a couple bricks a week out of my Kimber .22 kit, and a couple boxes in .45 as follow up. By the end of the year I had found that I had shot nearly 30k rounds of 22 and several thousand more in 45ACP. I bought replacement springs for everything as a Xmas present to myself that year.
It's been about four years since I've even shot a 1911 as I've gone back to DA revolvers, but that muscle memory is still there.

For slide action pistols you might look into a snap cap device made by Laserlyte that fires a bore laser every time you pull the trigger. They are intriguing enough I want to test one, but everything I've read indicates its a useful training device and batteries are much cheaper than ammo right now...

I expect that stocks will catch up in another 2-4 months. Vendors are going to start churning out mags and bullets by the ton. You just got to hold out for a while longer...
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I also remembered a friend telling me about practice devices like these: Airsoft guns - Airsoft gun guide - Airsoft pistols & machine guns - MilSim secondary weapon - Gas

He said they are similar, but not quite the same as the real thing. I guess it would be helpful to know what it is you commonly use and practice with first.
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