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Any good pellet pistols for training?

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Hi everyone;

With the worst ammo shortage I have ever seen in full swing, I'm thinking of my summer training schedule. I usually burn through 2-3,000 rounds of .22lr per month, and maybe 2-300 rounds of 9x19 in a similar timeframe. As of now it looks like I won't be able to get anywhere near those requirements met, and my stock isn't bad but I don't want to run it down since I can't replace it.

So, I am using an RWS34 pellet rifle to keep sharp there, and am thinking of a good quality pellet pistol to use at something like my old .22lr rates, since for now I'm not having trouble getting pellets and have a pretty decent stock on hand in any event. Drop the .22lr down to centerfire levels and put centerfire practice on hold until things settle down to keep from running out my stockpile.

Suggestions for a good, super durable (have to be the way I use 'em) .22 pellet pistol in the under $400 range?

All the best,
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I would look at an airsoft pistol in your platform IMO. They actually function like a real pistol with the slide cycling, safeties operate, mags drop free and load like the real thing. Make sure you get a green gas powered one though. Mags for pistols typically hold 20 +/- rounds and they also contain the gas to power the gun. A can of green gas is about 10 bucks and you get several thousand rounds out of it and the plastic BB's are cheap.

I bought a 1911 platform one and the weight and everything is pretty darn close to the Kimber Raptor II that I used to have. It fits in the same holster that I use so my draw stroke is the same.

A few other side benefits are.
You can use it inside safely during inclement weather, buy two and you can use them for force on force training, they are quiet, and overall just plain fun.

Granted a downside to these are there is no real hunting value to these as the muzzle velocity usually runs a nominal 300fps

Riasi beat me to it!
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