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Any good pellet pistols for training?

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Hi everyone;

With the worst ammo shortage I have ever seen in full swing, I'm thinking of my summer training schedule. I usually burn through 2-3,000 rounds of .22lr per month, and maybe 2-300 rounds of 9x19 in a similar timeframe. As of now it looks like I won't be able to get anywhere near those requirements met, and my stock isn't bad but I don't want to run it down since I can't replace it.

So, I am using an RWS34 pellet rifle to keep sharp there, and am thinking of a good quality pellet pistol to use at something like my old .22lr rates, since for now I'm not having trouble getting pellets and have a pretty decent stock on hand in any event. Drop the .22lr down to centerfire levels and put centerfire practice on hold until things settle down to keep from running out my stockpile.

Suggestions for a good, super durable (have to be the way I use 'em) .22 pellet pistol in the under $400 range?

All the best,
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Thanks for the replies guys;

I may end up going to something like the Webley & Scott Ltd. Webley Tempest Centennial. Air guns
for marksmanship. Just not sure how well it will last the way I use 'em. Been lurking the airgun boards and it seems well liked, but I'm not sure the average Briton uses 'em as hard as I do....

Hadn't really thought of softair for marksmanship, but it does make sense to use it for muscle memory training. Not as worried there, since I do dry snap drills and holster drills a few hours a week, but it is a point of concern. Probably pick up one of the Tokyo Marui 1911 clones after the Webley.

This ammo shortage is killing me - I like to put in a lot of practice, about 2,000-3,000 rounds of .22lr per month with pistol and the same with rifle, then a fraction of that with the big expensive centerfire numbers. Just did an inventory of .22lr today, and if I went back on full tilt training on the rimfires I'll burn it all up in about 3 months, max. Whole damn' thing started while I was still laid up for over a month with pneumonia, so now that I'm healthy I can't even get out to the range!

Once I finish paying off my last one of Mikhail K's masterpieces to complete my Warsaw Pact collection (bound to be falling overboard in another of a long line of tragic boating accidents shortly after it shows up!) the Webley and an Airsoft 1911 clone is going to the head of the list.

All the best,
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