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I have my rings off and I was studying them carefully. I found something that appears a bit odd to me. One of the arched/beveled sides is integral to the the mount but the the other is a lug behind the nut and pulls as you thread in the nut to tighten up the base. Both of these moveable lug type pieces on my gun have something of a notch or crease in them like somebody had them out of alignment and cranked down on the screws. I would think the steel piece in the mount would be harder than the stainless but I don't have any witness marks or creases in the notches on the gun itself. This is the best that I can describe this. It is too small I think to grab a photo of this but I may try.

Are these creases in those little parts normal?

I managed to get a photo of this. You can clearly see the crease in that lug or whatever it is called. Both lugs have a similar indentation or crease mark.
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