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An "Atta Boy" For a Supplier

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I had an 8# caddy of H110 type Pull down powder from GI Brass. I ordered it when I bought, other powder. All the rifle powder worked well, but the Pistol powder was a bit diffrent. When I opened the caddy it had a strong Vinegar smell. I didn't use any of it until I had finished the last of the Hogdon H 110 , That I had opened. I went to a shoot and loaded some "Mild Loads" for the 454. Well a load 4 grains under max and 2 grains less that I had been useing stuck a case in the chamber. I got the brand new ( before firing) case out with a rod.

I called Jeff at GI Brass and asked him if anybody else had found this lot of powder to be much faster than H110. He told me none had. After hearing what I had done, he offered to replace the whole 8#'s at his cost. Now thats a good supplier, this was pull down, not new powder and I expected to just pay him, to replace it and warn him about the Fast Lot. For him to go out of his way to replace it with ne, is way beyond what I expected. Another good person to deal with in the firearms indusry.

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