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-9mm Ammo, Russian Made, Non-Corrosive and Steel Cased- $82.00/1000 rnd case

-7.62x54R Ammo-late 80's production, Albanian Surplus 150 grn FMJ, packed in sealed 440 rnd can. Priced @ $39.95 per can or 2 can for$37.50 per can.

-.303 Brit Amm0 ,non-corrosive, brass cased, berdan primed-FMJ 174grn 80's production(S.African). Cost $8.50/50rnd box- 20 boxes @ $7.95 ea.-50 boxes for $7.50 per box.

-7.62x39 Russian- $35.00 for 500 rnd case FMJ -$69.00 for 960 rnd case HP- $42.00 for 500 rnd case of SP

-.223 55 grain -80's Production South African PMP-seled in 300 round battle packs:
buy 1-3 packs for $39.00 each- buy 4-6 packs for $36.00 each- buy 7-10 packs for $34.50 each -purchase 11 or more for $33.00 each

-All ammo will be shipped from Ohio Warehouse-Freight is not included in price so if you need to know exact freight we need your Zip Code. All Local ,State and Federal Laws apply. First time buyer need to send Proof of age and an ammo statement stating there are no laws prohibiting you from buying ammo.
-We accept major credit cards, paypal, checks and money orders.
-These items will be on website shortly.
-All TacStar , Lyman and Fobus 10% off Web prices

Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd.
P.O. Box 134
Palenville , N.Y. 12463
Fx-208-330-9958(direct toComputer)
[email protected]

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Originally posted by Lippman Enterprises

-7.62x39 Russian- $35.00 for 500 rnd case FMJ -$69.00 for 960 rnd case HP- $42.00 for 500 rnd case of SP

Who is the manufacturer of that ammo? If Norinco, maybe that's why I can't sell the FMJ/HP mix I have; I'm asking $110 for 1100 rounds and you beat my price by LOTS! :D

BTW, the Ultra Dot I bought from you last week is installed and works great!
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