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Ammo Question??

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Since I am new to the rifle scene, got a question(dont want to get the wrong ammo). I'm planning to buy a case from cheaper than dirt. They have this Winchester .223 but i dont know if there is a difference between the two since they are both .223. If there is not a difference, they why the price diff.
1. Winchester USA .223--3.99
2. Winchester USA .223(5.56)- 3.69
Can anybody help me out, tried calling but could not get through to customer service. Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt 5.56 the same as .223
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Mikr is correct. 223 Rem, and 5.56mm look the same, but the 5.56mm i.e. M193 is loaded to 60,000 cup, where as the 223 Rem is loaded to 50,000 cup. The mini can shoot either, as it has an A2 military chamber.

Q3131 is made in Independance, Mo. at the Federal Lake City Plant. The Q3131A made in Israeli. Both shoot about the same, and both come in the Winchester USA white box.

dont want to get the wrong ammo
The Winchester seems to shoot well in most mini's. My mini likes them. I would suguest getting a couple of boxes of each to see which your mini likes. If they shoot the same, go for quantity on the cheaper one. Each rifle is different, yours may or may not like winchester. Better to check it out before buying quantity.

Check out this link:
Originally posted by Cop369
So in other words, I can use the 5.56 in my mini-14 with no problem, correct? And what about its use in the AR-15
Thats afirmative. You got a manual? If not click on the New Ruger site sticky above, select manual, and getcha one! There free. Check out the cover upper right, and Ammo page 8.

I won't comment on ar's, but its the same A-2 chamber.
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