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Ammo Question??

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Since I am new to the rifle scene, got a question(dont want to get the wrong ammo). I'm planning to buy a case from cheaper than dirt. They have this Winchester .223 but i dont know if there is a difference between the two since they are both .223. If there is not a difference, they why the price diff.
1. Winchester USA .223--3.99
2. Winchester USA .223(5.56)- 3.69
Can anybody help me out, tried calling but could not get through to customer service. Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt 5.56 the same as .223
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M855 should be fine with the 1:9 Mini twist - unless the weather is exceptionally cold or you are in a deep cave, both conditions raising the air pressure - and the round dimensions must be the same. It is only the even longer M856 61gr long range tracer that needs 1:7 twist under normal conditions.

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