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Ammo Question??

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Since I am new to the rifle scene, got a question(dont want to get the wrong ammo). I'm planning to buy a case from cheaper than dirt. They have this Winchester .223 but i dont know if there is a difference between the two since they are both .223. If there is not a difference, they why the price diff.
1. Winchester USA .223--3.99
2. Winchester USA .223(5.56)- 3.69
Can anybody help me out, tried calling but could not get through to customer service. Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt 5.56 the same as .223
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Negative-they are NOT the same. 5.56mm is loaded beyond the SAAMI-spec'd .223. 5.56mm chambers have a longer leade than compared to .223's. Most mini's I believe have 5.56mm chambers. Now if the Winchester they advertise is Q3131A, mfg'd by IMI for Winchester, I would prefer to get that. Regular Winchester white box .223 tends to cause trouble for some AR's, but are ok for mini's.
The .223 Win white box stuff is normally found in 55 and 45 gr weights.
Check this for all of your ammo questions
Mini's should be all right. AR's, provided they are stamped 5.56mm or "Wylde" on the upper should be just fine--beware .223 stamped uppers-or contact the mfg. for assurance.
Whoa!! Wait a minute!! Sellier and Bellot are better known as Sellier and Kaboom!!!

At that price I would get our own Federal Lake City mfg. ammo from

Too many rifles had problems and breakage and even their .45ACP ammo is problematic, I would testify to that....

S&B could be considered in the same boat as Olympic :D
you'd rather your enemy had them in their rifle :D
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