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Considering how far down south you are Kev I would think the time is now!

Im a good bit further north and the water temp here is hovering at 52-53 so we still got a ways to go. The Catfish bite is starting to show signs of heating up all though the bite is still soft. Three weeks ago I took a lot of Blues in the 15-30 lbs range in 4 ft of water. Bobby's catfishing guide service is making some decent catches of larger fish unfortunately we have a slot limit here on Blues. There s still quiet a few Sandies and Hybrids in the lake although many are starting to move up the creeks and rivers. I took about a dozen Hybrids from the marina dock about a week ago but the bites been pretty dead since then. Water temp needs to come up at least 6 more degrees to get the Crappie to commit to the spawn in the shallows. Thats just about 2-3 weeks away depending on the weather up here.
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