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Recently when I reviewed the Determinator Effective Range Target System, I used my friend’s classic Ruger 77 chambered in .308. I have fired plenty of rifles and this one had one of the most brutal recoil impulses I have ever felt. The factory stock is very light, recoil pad is completely solid from age and very thin. Coupled with the geometry of the stock, it was not pleasant to shoot. After our range day, the rifle’s owner decided it was time to bring the old Ruger into the modern era and ordered a Boyds At-One stock set with Boyds Aluminum Pillar Bedding.

ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

Boyds Coverage from AllOutdoor and The Firearm Blog

Boyds At-One Specifications

  • Length of Pull: 12-1/2” – 14”
  • Comb Travel: 9/16”
  • Overall Length: 30 1/4” (butt retracted) | 31 3/4” (butt extended)
  • ForeARM Insert Width Standard: 1 3/4” (rear) | 1 7/16” (front)
  • Target Style: 2” (rear) | 1 13/16” (front)
  • Recoil Pad: 1/2” Thick, Over-Molded Rubber
  • Weight: ~3 Lb

For a full list of available options and finishes, see the Boyds At-One product page. As equipped, this At-One has an MSRP of $299.99 with the aluminum pillar bedding.

Boyds At-One First Look and Installation

At our next range day, his At-One stock had arrived packaged perfectly with no damage from shipping. Installation is a breeze on the Ruger 77. Total time was less than 15 minutes.

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

Taking down the more than 20 year old Ruger takes a single flat head screw driver, take care to ensure a proper fit so you do not strip a screw or scratch the finish on your new stock. Verify the rifle is clear, remove the bolt, trigger guard, internal magazine and then finally the bolt holding the action.

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

With the Ruger broken down we were able to see the difference between the factory stock and the At-One side by side. The At-One is a bit heavier but does not add an unnecessary amount of weight. Forward grip improved from the factory stock which has a slippery smooth plastic compared to the textured rubberized grip of the Boyds At-One.

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

Reassembly is as you probably guessed, reverse of disassembly. I was very impressed with the exact fit of all the components. Aftermarket stocks can sometimes be a pain to install due to manufacturing tolerances and require additional fitment by the customer or in some cases, a gun smith. The At-One fit exactly as if it were a factory stock.

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

Fully assembled the Boyds At-One is a work of art. It transformed the old Ruger into one of the best looking bolt actions I’ve seen in a long time. The laminate finish is gorgeous. The At-One “Pepper” finish the rifle’s owner selected looks perfect with the stainless barrel, action and trigger guard. Accented well with the black recoil pad, cheek pad, grip sections, and stainless hardware on the adjustable recoil pad.

Let’s Test the At-One

The Boyds At-One completely transformed the look of the Ruger 77 but what about the shooting experience?

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

Night and day difference. In its factory stock, the Ruger 77 was down right unpleasant to shoot. Perfectly serviceable as a hunting rifle but not one I would ever pick up to enjoy on a range day. Just firing the first 10 rounds had me rethinking selecting it for the Determinator review. Now with the Boyds At-One stock installed, the Ruger feels like a completely different rifle. The slight addition of weight, better grip, more functional recoil pad, and improved ergonomics come together for a completely different shooting experience. The Ruger paired with the At-One stock is still a fairly lightweight hunting rifle, recoil is still present but is manageable, similar to modern hunting rifles.

For fun we shot the Ruger 77 next to the rifle owner’s new Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP .308 for a quick comparison to see if the addition of the Boyds At-One has brought the Ruger into the modern world.

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

The Boyds At-One equipped Ruger 77 was my favorite, hands down. Shocking when just a couple weeks prior I swore the rifle off. Dialing in the length of pull, comb height, and having a better grip on the rifle completely changed the shooting experience. I could not believe it was the same rifle. The Savage 110 Apex Hunter has a very large recoil pad with plenty of give, a surprisingly good trigger, and a smooth action. I prefer the ergonomics of the Boyds At-One but this quick side by side showed us that the 15 minute install of the At-One stock did modernize this classic rifle.

Accuracy testing was ruined by us learning that the Ruger absolutely did not like the Norma Whitetail 150 grain that I had brought for this review. Groups were about 4 inches at 100 yards with either stock. We did run some Tula 168 grain steel case soft point and it stacked a 3 shot group on a 6 in steel plate.

Boyds at-one ruger 77 alloutdoor AO

Not the most scientific accuracy test but does reinforce the fact that you need to make sure you are testing the ammo you plan to hunt with before you head into the field.

Final Thoughts

The Boyds At-One is the easiest modification I have ever done to a rifle that completely changes nearly every aspect of it. The fit and finish is incredible. The only issue we had with this example was the provided sling mount in the right side QD socket was stuck. The owner later was able to remove it with some difficulty but overall, minor complaint. If shaving every ounce from your rifle is your main concern, this isn’t the stock for you but if you are willing to add a little extra weight to your rifle for better ergonomics, adjustable length of pull, comb height, and excellent grips – the At-One should be on your purchase list. I am looking at ordering one in the near future for my 18 year old Remington 700. I highly recommend you give this Boyds stock a serious look if you are in the market.

What do you think of the Boyds At-One or do you have any experiences with one? Let us know in the comments section below. If you are interested in ordering one for yourself, the “Build Yours” wizard will walk you through the entire process.

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