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AK 47 / Norinco 86 / .223 need 5 RD Magazine

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where can I receive a 5rd magazine from, for the Norinco 86 / .223

2 if we can buy them, what's the cost?

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Hi Flak 2

I need to get the magazine down to say maximum 7 rounds & the mag can not look like a big mag, so I'm thinking about the mini 14 mag that maybe able to be modified?

Can the mini 14 be modified? I do not know this one, but may as around.

thanks Flack:rolleyes:
Hi Flak 2

Why I want to limit the magazine, well the law for "A" license, is that there can not be more than 7rds in the magazine.

I want to put the rifle under the "A" because there are less rules, under military "E" if restricted rifle, harder all round to go out & have fun hunting ect
Hi Flak 2

Bulgarian poly magazines, where can I purchase them from?

Are they cheap? I guess the ploy is plastic?

They "law" does not allow 7 round mags or less to look like a banana magazine, because people thing it's begger than it really is.

There must be away, to reduce the 10rd mags, we could limit within the mag itself, so the 10 round would be a great mag, it does not look much bigger than the 7rd anyway.

Searching the internet now, to try & find some. Do you have any in your area " State "?


to your question:
is it legal to plug or rivet a stop plate in a 10rnd.

I think this would be ok, within the law
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Hi Flak 2

so far I have found only a Bulgarian 14rd magazine

Still searching
Flak 2

thanks for this help, there is a 5rd on this page, great .

So this mag M-74N5 ~ Bulgarian 5 Rd, This will click into the normal AK 47 // .223 version?

if so then I will order one


Question: this website

it says if I'm a forum member I can buy it for $12.99 how can I be a member? K-Var Price 12.99 or 22.00 MSRP

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I have joined the forum, to get the mag cheaper.

if you are a member, then the mag is $12.99 american.

Will wait until they email me, for my membership details, then I will order the mag,

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