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AK 47 / Norinco 86 / .223 need 5 RD Magazine

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where can I receive a 5rd magazine from, for the Norinco 86 / .223

2 if we can buy them, what's the cost?

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gunrunner I'm not sure on the 5 rounders. Theres the Bulgarian poly 10 rnd that should work in your 223 Norinco. I'll keep an eye out, but can't remember seeing any. You could pull the base plate and make a wood plug and stuff up there to limit a 10 to 5rnds. most state hunting laws will allow you to put a plug in the mag. You could also pop rivet stops on a 10 like Canadians.:(
gunrunner i suppose a Mini mag could be made to work. I think it would take quite a bit of work though. There a guys that use the East German bakelites in the 223 Norincos. The bakelites can be cut down and epoxied back together. It would be like taking 6 inches out of the center of the magazine then epoxian the upper and lower halfs together. I've cut down a few for bench work for the SAR3. They ended up at 14 and 17rnds. I don't think you'll be able to shortin an AK MAG enough to be flush with the bottom of the reciever though. There'd be at least 2 inches of the magazine showing. The 10rnd factory mags leave about 3 inches of magazine exposed. gunrunner why are you worried about blocking a 10rnd. to 5?
is it legal to plug or rivet a stop plate in a 10rnd. If thats not acceptable I'd go the bakelite route and section a couple. The bakelites can be had for $5.00ea for the 30rnd. Unless you have to have a special license to buy hi caps where your at. If thats the case I'd shorten a spring and rivet a limiting device like bent sheet metal inside your mag. Good luck
Bottom left side of page. heres the link try these guys K-VAR Corp.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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