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I have a 183 series blued Mini 14 and have a question about the adjustable gas blocks available from Accuracy systems.

First of all I have never had any sort of problems with my mini – owed it since about 1983 and as long as I do my part and feed it decent ammo, out of Ruger magazines it does its job. However I am tired of chasing brass all over the range…

My question is: do these adjustable gas blocks work as advertized and are the settings reliable once set? This is not the gun I would go for in a SHTF (I live in a pretty built up area and my 1911A1 would be just fine) but I do like my firearms to work the same each and every time I go to shoot them.

Which version would be recommended? I am not in the habit of changing out parts for the sake of spending money, but don’t mind putting down the coin if there is a clear benefit.

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