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I have recently done a stainless mini-14, the best i could do was 2.5" 5 shot groups @ 50yrds, using hand loads, without the clip. So i got a Chote stock and installed a Shilen heavy barrel. This dropped groups down to .8" @ 50yrds, as long as i load each round without the clip, this is with some cheap remanufactured ammo haven’t loaded anything for it yet, still just breaking in the barrel. After some serious mods to the clip i got around a 1" group @ 50yrds using it. Does anybody know of any good clips that are available for the mini-14? And also does anybody have any other ideas on accurizing this rifle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The double-break I bought does wonders - took 3 MOA down to 1.5MOA on my Mini-14! Cost $20.

I also bought one for my Mini-30 this week. Installed but haven't tried it yet.

Check other posts here for more details.
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