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Accuracy on a series 580

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I've heard/read mini 14's are notorious for stringing shots wants the barrel heats up. I know this is true for older ones, and that newer ones have improved. What's considered a "newer" one?

I'm getting a 580 that has a tapered barrel. Is a strut and flash suppressor really needed on this thing, or did the 580 series do away with the accuracy issues?
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I can't speak first hand on the pre 580 sreies mini's but the newer tapered barrel 580's seem pretty accurate. I never noticed any difference in accuracy when the barrel heats up with my 580 mini. IMO the strut is not needed.
Let me premise this by saying that I don't shoot much paper. :lol:

IIRC, out of the box (back in '08...), my flanged-barrel 580 would put 5 rounds into about a 3" circle at 100 yds. Added an Accu-Strut and Choate handguard and it's consistently sub-2" at 100 now, from a good rest with me doing my part, with a 2-6x pistol scope. Occasionally I manage better than that, but IMO a "best" group doesn't show much. ;)

Of course, every rifle is different, YMMV, etc. etc.

Also, "acceptable" accuracy depends on what you want to do with your rifle. Some (like me...) see minute-of-coyote as acceptable. Others want to squeeze every .01" from a group, and that's fine, too. The Mini is a perfect candidate for that, as every little thing seems to affect these rifles. Consider it the big-boy Tinkertoy of weapons.
Mine is plenty accurate and stays consistent when hot with cheap russian ammo. I suspect a little change when I accurize her, but in stock form shes perfect. :p

edit: 581 mini 30 ranch rifle
580 series

If you're satisfied with the accuracy and consistency, perhaps the first alteration I would consider is a smaller gas bushing along with re-torquing the gas block, also add a Wilson shock buffer. You can save money and down time by doing it yourself. Many here have used a 5/32" roll ground to proper length and inserted inside the existing factory bushing. Re-torque the gas block screws to 35 in.lbs. making sure the gas block halves are even on both sides. An improvement in accuracy is possible and you won't launch the empties into the next zip code. Good luck and enjoy!
I can get a sub-2" group at 100 yards with my 582-series Tactical using a 3-9x scope and no other modifications. I am sure that Gas block mods and/or a strut would improve that, but it's good enough for me.
For sure the new barrels are a massive improvement.
When you get your new rifle, as already suggested, check the gaps on each side of the gas block for balanced placement. Even my mini 30 tact with the full sized, non tapered, barrel experienced an improvement in accuracy when I reset the gas block.
I can't say that a strut improved accuracy, but it is a great heat sink, and I like to dump a mag.
A choate hand guard also is a great cooling device, and its cheap and looks great.

The most important part of accurizing your new mini is probably going to be a trigger job, and bedding the stock if the receiver feels a little loose in the stock.
Newer thick barrels are cryo treated by Ruger. The thin barrels were not and did string shots as they warmed up. Newer barrels don't string as they warm up.
Most I would do to accurize this already accurate rifle is a strut and that would mostly be for heat and looks. Other then that the rifle is perfect the way she is in that aspect. Now optics or do-dads now thats something Ill be toying with. Fixing to put a foregrip/bipod and get a better optic.
My 580 thin barrel mini-14 shoots under 2'' groups pretty easily with 1.25'' being my best group @100yrds. It has an accustrut and a trigger job and it is in a tapco stock.
Newer thick barrels are cryo treated by Ruger. The thin barrels were not and did string shots as they warmed up. Newer barrels don't string as they warm up.
Do you have any documentation proving this?
The article is from Ed Harris and you can find the information several paragraphs down on the cryo treat for mini barrels.
Ed Harris on Metallurgy | General gun stuff, Shooting industry |
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