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A-Zoom Practice Ammo Rounds are much more than conventional snap-caps.
A-Zoom metal snap-caps are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum to
exact size, then hard anodized. This hard anodized surface provides for
ultra-smooth functioning and long cycling life. The highly durable dry fire
"Dead Cap" can take over three thousand dry fires while protecting the
firing pin. Our product lasts over 30 times longer than conventional plastic
snap-caps. They are made and available for Rifles- Shotguns- Pistols-

A-Zoom Snap Caps are available in over 130 sizes from 50BMG to 22 Hornet.

THEY ARE - Totally Safe - Eliminate Unnecessary Risk - Tough Solid
Aluminum Construction - Ideal for Training, Storage - Function
Testing - Cowboy Action - Teach or Learn Safe Gun Handling - Dry
Fire Thousands of Times without Damage - Handles just like Real Ammo!

Cost for Group A Rifle Calibers - Suggested Retail-$9.98 -Your Cost $ 8.25
per 2 pack
Cost for Group B Rifle Calibers - Suggested Retail-$11.98-Your Cost$ 10.25
per 2 pack
Cost for Group C Rifle Calibers - Suggested Retail- $ 6.98-Your Cost $
5.50 per 1 pack
Cost for Shotgun Calibers .......- Suggested Retail -$ 9.98-Your Cost $
8.25 per 2 pack
Cost for Revolver Calibers.......- Suggested Retail -$18.98-Your Cost
$16.99 per 2 pack
Cost for Auto-Pistol Calibers....- Suggested Retail -$15.98-Your Cost
$13.99 per 2 pack

-Please allow 5-7 days to complete your order if exact item is not in stock.
-We take all major credit cards, pay pal , money orders and personal checks.
-For further details visit our website and click on A-Zoom and then click on
the new Catalog!
-Visit our site or Visit our E-bay and Gunbroker Auctions.
-We also carry Fobus Holsters , Ultra-Dot and Micro-Dot Scopes, Pachmayr ,
Tac-Star, Butch'sBore Cleaner and B-Square Products.

Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd.
P.O. Box 134
Palenville , N.Y. 12463
Fx-208-330-9958(direct toComputer)
[email protected]
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