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A special kind of stupid

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Louisville, KY has the luck to have some of the stupidest local politicians of any larger city on the planet. This may sound a bit strong and you doubtlessly think that you could find stupider politicians. Read on, and then decide.

Because of a recent police shooting (by which they mean a police officer shot someone, not vice versa) that has raised a local uproar from a professional troublemaker and his ilk, a city councilman has introduced legislation that would prohibit a police officer from firing more than 2 times at a suspect, and then only if the suspect first fired at the officer. Having the gun out and pointed at an innocent doesn't count. Actually, shooting an innocent who wasn't next to the police officer wouldn't count.

This is in addition to normal politician stupidity like not being able to balance the budget but wanted to build a basketball arena for a professional team that isn't going to come to Louisville and that the citizens have loudly said they don't want and can't afford to buy tickets to when they thought it would come. Now that the team said Louisville was out, there are still some who want to build a downtown arena to use it as an attraction for a different (unknown) team. It could just sit empty for decades, though.

They tried to paint the Kennedy Memorial bridge connecting Indiana and Kentucky at I-65. It was partially painted and then the whole deal (deal, not bridge) collapsed as bribery charges and inspector bribes came out of the woodwork. They've also spent over $27 million dollars "studying" wear to build a new bridge, although the designers of the road built the locations for future bridges into the plans.

It must be tough living in Louisville, especially when you can stare across the river and into the promised land. :D
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well living in the promised land i can say our budget ain't any better.but pull a gun on one of our cops and you will likly get the whole clip.
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