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A noob having questions

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This is my first post, so I would like to say hello to everyone here :)

OK, here's the story.....

After my first couple of weeks of plinking at close range my mini14ssrr 197, I decided to take the gas block off for cleaning (duh, I guess I didn't read the directions close enough). I never really paid attention to the accuracy, assuming my sight was off.

A few weeks later, I put it on a bench, and was surprised on how inaccurate it was. I wasn't getting the 4-6" groups at 100 yards that most ppl say is the average. It was more like 6-8", with an occassional shot far from the group.

I am wondering if this what I should expect for accuracy, or did I do something wrong? What do I have to look for? How do I know if the crown is messed up?

Thanks in advance for your patience and advice. This is my first gun, and I'm hooked!!
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Hi Mikr,

Thanks for the speedy reply.

As far as the gas installation, I'm not sure if I did it right. I don't have a torque rench but I took extra-special care in making sure the block was seated correctly. I then carefully took turns tightening each screw a turn or so until each one was evenly tight, but not cranked on there.
Thanks cajungeo for the info

Would breaking in the barrel still be needed even if I have already shot about 800+ rounds through it?

Also, how do you tell if your crown is damaged? Unfornately I have never used a cleaning rod guide on my gun.

I am very careful with my mini and always keep it clean, but I am finding a lot of info lately that probably would have been useful when I bought the gun, hehe.
Thanks cajungeo,

I'm bettin my eyes are on par with yours :)

Thanks for the info
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