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A few questions I need answered!

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Greetings. I just stumbled onto this board, and already decided I needed to register so I could post a question or two. I am a reserve deputy, and am looking for a patrol rifle. Kicking around the idea of an AR-15, but the Mini 14 keeps jumping up at me. I know nothing about either one, so here are a couple of questions for those that are in the know:

1. What is the difference in a regular mini 14 and a ranch mini 14?
2. Given the big difference in price between the ar and mini, is the accuracy really that much better in an ar?
3. I found a 183 model(I think it is a 183) for $350, might take less. If the barrel is not rusted and pitted, is this a good price? Don't care about the condition of the stock as I can replace it with synthetic stock.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
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Welcome to the forum TexReserve. We have several members in LEO, and an LEO Armorer.

Being in law enforcement you may look into geting a Mini-14GB. reserved for gov, and LEO's. They are a little more robust, and seem to be be more accurate out of the box. They come with 2- 20 rd Ruger Mags. You may be also entitled to the Restricted Post Ban Ruger 20-30 rd mags. The best you can get for $24 for LEO's only. The rest of us have to pay up to $100 or more. Check out:

Now if you want real fire power you can get the AC556 restricted for Gov, and LEO's. Check out:

Of course you already know the Restricted stuff is for on Duty use not personal.

The regular mini, and the ranch usually shoot 5" groups at 100 yds. With a little tuning, and not much money you can shoot 1 1/2" to 2" at 100 yds. The how to is in this forum.

There is also a handy search button in upper right of your control panel. Enter key words, and all related posts will come up. Your key words, will be in RED
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