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A few questions I need answered!

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Greetings. I just stumbled onto this board, and already decided I needed to register so I could post a question or two. I am a reserve deputy, and am looking for a patrol rifle. Kicking around the idea of an AR-15, but the Mini 14 keeps jumping up at me. I know nothing about either one, so here are a couple of questions for those that are in the know:

1. What is the difference in a regular mini 14 and a ranch mini 14?
2. Given the big difference in price between the ar and mini, is the accuracy really that much better in an ar?
3. I found a 183 model(I think it is a 183) for $350, might take less. If the barrel is not rusted and pitted, is this a good price? Don't care about the condition of the stock as I can replace it with synthetic stock.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
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Satan2655: probably want more accuracy than the Mini gives you out of the box.

Our new friend may want to know that there are ways to significantly improve Mini's accuracy for about $80 - by replacing gas-block insert, having a trigger-job done, installing a muzzle brake and having the stock bedded - which achieves almost AR-15 accuracy.
For a few hundred $$ you can have it equipped with a decent barrel for AR-15 accuracy for much less money.

Also, Mini is more reliable than AR-15 which may not be a consideration for you if you do not expect your rifle to be dirty when you need it to shoot.

What kind of situations do you expect to face in the course of your patrol duties? What kind of patrol is that? There are many considerations here that depend on the use.

For example, cutting about 1 1/2 inches off the barrel is inexpensive, makes it more accurate, easier to handle in some situations (exiting a vehicle) and does not matter if you do not intend to shoot further than 150 yards.

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