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9x23 Winchester reloading data

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Does anyone know of any published reloading data for the 9x23 Winchester? Any help appreciated.
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I have a Spanish Destroyer carbine in 9X23, 9MM Largo or 9 Bergman-Baynard. Whatever you want to call it. I get my Brass from Starline. Starline used to sell 9X23, 9MM Largo or 9 Bergman-Baynard brass as only one kind but 9 Largo or Bergman-Baynard has a different extractor groove so now they sell the right stuff. 9X23, 9MM Largo or 9 Bergman-Baynard is hotter than regular 9mm. Try this web site:

I have been using 6 grains of Unique with a 124/125 gr FMJ or HP. For the 115gr stuff I shoot 7 grains of unique. Go here for a photo of the Destroyer. Cool little rifles. They do about 1250-1300fps with the above loads. I did replace my front sight with a Swedish Mauser front sight blade and then filed it down because the original sight was too low. Very accurate little guns, tons better than a .22 for plinking and you don't lose your brass. It really thumps whatever you shoot at!

Hope this helped.



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