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Probably although it may not cycle your gun properly.

I show 5.2gr at 1000fps Unique
5.6gr at 1000fps Unique
6.0gr at 1150fps Unique
6.3gr at 1200fps Unique Maximum (top load listed)

Info came from Hornady 3rd Edition

Use at your own risk. Start powder charge low and work up

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:lol:What Manyfeathers said!And if in doubt go to the Alliant powders website online-they have recipes also for the hercules/alliant powders!;)

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My Lee Disk measure handles Unique just fine .

+ - .1 grain repeatability . Close enough for me .

I never worried about dirty powder . I plan to clean the gun when I get home . Problem solved .

God bless

PS I think the " New Unique " formulation is suspose to be cleaner ? I do not know , I am using powder I bought several years ago .
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