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7 Tcu ?

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I'm looking to set up a carbine in 7TCU for deer hunting. I am wondering what is the recoil like ( would a 100 lb young lady have problems shooting it ). What's the range? I need something something that will reach out 150 yrds. Any other suggestions for a light recoil 150 yrd gun are appreciated.
Thanks :ar15:
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GWW, The 7TCU would be a great choice for recoil sensitive people. The cartridge is widely used in handgun silhouette. I know of several that hunt with the same caliber also. They have taken deer hogs and groundhogs with the 7TCU. There is a wide range of available bullets also. You are going in the right direction and hopefully will have another hunting pardner. The only time that I managed to get my wife to go hunting with me, the weather turned off bad and she didn't want to go back.:usa:
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