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7 Tcu ?

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I'm looking to set up a carbine in 7TCU for deer hunting. I am wondering what is the recoil like ( would a 100 lb young lady have problems shooting it ). What's the range? I need something something that will reach out 150 yrds. Any other suggestions for a light recoil 150 yrd gun are appreciated.
Thanks :ar15:
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Thanks BP,
Hadn't even thought of the 243 even though I love it's cousin 7-08. I'm almost sure I'll get a 7tcu, now you got me headed in the 243 direction. Well, can never have too many toys and as long as my pretty little wife can't remember the combination to my safe I'll be ok.
g andwwww:D
Thanks Sixgun and BP,
This is the info I'm looking for. Where you got that rifle listed BP?
Wayne mine went with me 25 years ago and swore I sat her in an ant bed. She hasn't been back. This will be for my youngest son's girlfriend. She's like a daughter to my wife and I already. If that boy ever hurts her he'll have to answer to us. I have a lot of 7mm already so I think it will fit right in.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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