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7 Tcu ?

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I'm looking to set up a carbine in 7TCU for deer hunting. I am wondering what is the recoil like ( would a 100 lb young lady have problems shooting it ). What's the range? I need something something that will reach out 150 yrds. Any other suggestions for a light recoil 150 yrd gun are appreciated.
Thanks :ar15:
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I have both the 7tcu and a Remington 700 243, Evrything BP says about the 243 is gospil, probably one of the most efficient whitetail chamberings ever made.

I like my 7tcu, they are extremly accurate, very light reccoil and the t/c carbine is a neat lil ol gun to use and carry around. The stock is short enough that you might not need a 'youth' stock?

It does have it's limitations however, for deer you need to be selective on the bullets you use and stay below 140 grains. The velocity causes problems in proper bullet performance with the heaver bullets. I hunt strictly with Nosler 120 Ballistic tips or 140 gr. Partitions. Acurate 2230 is one of the best powders you can use in the 7tcu. I believe it is Hornady that also came out with a new 120 gr. ballistic tip aimed spacificly for the 7tcu, and other 'pistols' in 7mm. There are other single shot pistol bullets on the market that are supposed to be as good. I just have more faith in Nosler. 175-200 yds. would be about max, and would require accuracy with bullet placement. I have used a 14" 7tcu for several years now and have taken several deer with it. I just built the carbine this winter after using a buddies last fall.
I had the 7-30 waters in 14" and a 21" carbine, I'll just say this about ol 'twinkie bandit's "favorite" 7mm. In my NSHO it's a piece of crap, very unreliable I even had the guns to miss fire with factory ammo, headspacing with the 7-30 was critical.and I never ever got the carbine barrel to shoot. I'm glad to be rid of them both!
[BTW I have it on very good authority that a 7tcu carbine yanked the 100 yd. scoped rifle match right out from under 'sixgun's' twitching fingers at the 4th. annual and you could tell by the pained look on his face that he was a gonna take the rest of his shooting for the day a whole lot more serious and he did too! :))]
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