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7 Tcu ?

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I'm looking to set up a carbine in 7TCU for deer hunting. I am wondering what is the recoil like ( would a 100 lb young lady have problems shooting it ). What's the range? I need something something that will reach out 150 yrds. Any other suggestions for a light recoil 150 yrd gun are appreciated.
Thanks :ar15:
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Gary, the gun I set up for my youngest daughter is a Contender carbine in 6.5 TCU. I ordered a 16.25" tapered barrel from Foxridge to keep the weight to a minimum, put a 12" LOP Youth walnut stock on and she had a perfect little deer rifle. I loaded 100 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips half a grain over the start load with H322 and got a surprising 2400 and something FPS. She has killed several big game with this little rifle and it kills all out of proportion to its size and recoil. The recoil is much less even than a full size Remington 700 BDL chambered in .243, with less than 100 FPS difference with the same bullet weight(using 100 gr. Federal factory ammo in the 243...yeah I know the factory ammo is supposed to be faster but it isn't). I hope this helps.
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