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7 Tcu ?

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I'm looking to set up a carbine in 7TCU for deer hunting. I am wondering what is the recoil like ( would a 100 lb young lady have problems shooting it ). What's the range? I need something something that will reach out 150 yrds. Any other suggestions for a light recoil 150 yrd gun are appreciated.
Thanks :ar15:
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I used a little 243 Winchester for about 25 years. (Still do matter-of-fact.) I only had one deer move out of his tracks after being hit and he was running wide open when I shot him and I hit him in the rib cage instead of the shoulder. He went about 40 to 50 yards before going down and he was dead when I got there. EVERY other deer I shot with the three different rifles I had in 243 were instant, one shot kills. But I used Nosler 100 grain bullets and did not use the lighter weight, varmint bullets that people use and then say, it won't kill.

The recoil on a 243 is next to nothing and almost anyone able to pick up and shoot a rifle can easly tolerate it.

I used a Winchester model 70, and a Remington model 700 (and like an idoit, I burned the barrels out of both of them shooting crows with 60 grain bullets going 4000 FPS ) and I have a little Styer-Mannlicher in 243 right now. It has 23 consecutive, instant, one shot kills to its credit.

You can pick up a Remington model 7 or a light weight Model 70 Winchester in 243 for a reasonable price. And BTW, the longest shot I EVER made on a deer was made with a 243. It was a measured 257 yards down an old logging road in Wilkerson county, Mississippi and the deer simply crossed both front legs, stuck his nose into the dirt and NEVER moved after being hit.

So don't believe the crap you are gonna hear that it will not kill or that it does not have any range. No less than Elmer Keith himself said that the .375 H&H magnum and the 243 Winchester cartridges kill all out of porportion to anything you would expect them to do and he had no explaination for it. I don't either but I can tell you it's a small cartridge with little recoil and it's a deer killing machine especially suited for youngsters and females.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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Are you interested in just a light recoiling rifle or are you interested in a NICE, light recoiling rifle? How'd you like to have this little Styer-Mannlicher I have that will shoot all bullets in one hole? It's for sale if you want it. It is the model "L" and has double set triggers and a 1.5 X 5 Leupold Vari-X III Scope in Delux Control rings and bases on it.

But it ain't cheap, no. Look it up and check it out. It's your kinda rifalgun son. They ain't NONE of them in Perry county no they ain't! You'll be the envy of every ******* in that part of the country son. Yep. They'll follow you around just hoping that you'll show it to them.

I usually charge 5 bucks a head to let them hold it but you can set your own price since you will have a monolopy.
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