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6.5x55 case length

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I am full length resizing 6.5x55 cases from factory S&B & Federal rounds fired from a modern sporting Husqvarna rifle and am finding wide variations in case length before resizing...a gap of up to .020" from brand to brand. After resizing, each case is growing about .005 to .006" in length. I have measured my chamber length and finding some of the once fired cases difficult to close a bolt on. I'm resizing to 2.150". Haven't test fired the reloads yet.

What amount of case length expansion is normal after FL resizing once fired factory ammo? I'm using Redding FL dies. I appreciate any responses. Thanks
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I would neck resize AFTER you full length resize to make sure your shoulder is in the right spot. Take the center expander out of the FL sizer and keep it in the neck resizer. I use a trim die to keep the total length correct. kwg
you can get different "stretch lengths" depending on brand, and softness of brass, "heat" (pressure) of load, etc... some brass is harder than others. mind you not by MUCH... but enough that you will get variations on overall length after firing.
don't people buy reloading manuals anymore.???????????????????????????????
NO... they dont... check out belzebub's thread about 223 and 308 actually having DIFFERENT POWDER in them!!! ( amazing, I know!! )

Yes they do NOT know what a reloading book's are. You can tell by what they ask on here. I hope I am never shooting beside one of them when at the range!! I saw on here where a man drilled the case to see what powder it had!! I have reloaded for years and one some powder I can NOT tell you what powder it is or what brand.
AAbear... thats what I was referring to about belzebub... ROFL!!!!! crazy talk!!!!
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