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5mm Remington

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I am one of the only people I know who enjoys shooting the 5mm magnum rimfire. Although ammo is next to impossible to find, I still have some and what a delight it is to shoot this caliber. I know of 2 different links for conversions to centerfire however till the ammo runs out I wont alter my rifle. Does anyone out there have any interest in this 20 caliber screamer or is it just me? also if anyone out there has the tube fed model 592 they would like to part with i am interested in talking with you. I own the bolt action 591.:usa:
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There is another conversion that does not require you to pemanently alter your rifle, I will post the web site once I find it again. Since the old west scrounger is promising a run of 5mm in November you may want to re think the conversion at all. The following link is also a great article on screaming wildcat rounds and converions such as the 19 calhoon 3200 fps. from a 38 grain bullet!

Since you are going small Bigdog let me know more about the .14 I AM INTERESTED! sounds like a squirrel killer!:usa:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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