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581 going tatical pt1

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hey so i was just modding my 581 and though id post pics.. i figured i like pics so i figured everyone else does also.

to start i added the sparta stock and harris bipod. also i orderd the accu-strut lt 6" [will hopfully be here in the beginning of the week]. i went shooting and evening shooting come to find out is kinda bad with my bushnell scope so i decided on a flash suppressor.... my barrel wasnt threaded and my front sight was damn near on the end of the barrel. so after 45 min of messin arround i got my front sight off [that wasnt so fun for those who want to do it]. i then realized the sight went further back then i was going to thread and im not putting it back on so i made this bushing [stainless btw] to take up the space i wasnt going to thread. machined a small edge on the enside so it acually comes down the barrel 1/8 of an inch. also it hides the pin grove for the front sight. it slips on and off fairly easly. just waiting for my vortex flash hider to show up. and my 1/2 x 28 die.

so far everything ive ordered minus the accustrut and the die have come from midway. accustrut came from ebay and my die is coming from a local company called oregon tool. but now im rambling so heres some pics will post pics of the threading and installation of the vortex. enjoy the pics :) oh and on a side note the the cat in the picture was taken by my mini 14 at around 150 yards using 75gr hornady ballistic tip this last thursday 2/21/13. he was nuisence animal and killed 6 sheep on our property in 1 week. was 7 feet long and wieghed 165.
oh yea this is my first post as a new member :D

so today i got my accu strut and my smith enterprise 'vortex' flash eliminator 2/26/13. and i also finished the machining on my barrel for the threading. So for all who are interested on the 581 series ranch rifle barrel you must remove a total of 4 thousanths so get barrel down to and even .500 in reality i left mine at .504 to try and keep the threads nice and tight. my die should show up at oregon tool in the morning so hopfully by evening i can get her threaded and all set up. will post picks of the flash hider on and off the gun when im finished


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oh btw forgot the pic of the spacer/bushing i machined up on the barrel... the brrel looks like that just forward of the psacer because i had to cut back on the lathe a bit and i havnt finished cleaning it up for threading. apologies for making my mini ugly :(


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Welcome aboard, "JACKSON" Nice pics of your custom job. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF A WELL DOCUMENTED --"LONG SHOT."
thanks was looking for info on my mini and found this place full of everything i needed
Here kitty, kitty, kitty.... :)

Nice shooting, and your daughter is much safer now that the big cat is no longer eating your sheep, let alone anyone more important. (Of course, the local PETA folks would get their panties all in a bunch, but they don't live where animals think eating tasty humans is a good idea...)

How do you like the Sparta stock? I really like the way they look, and want one for my Mini 30 one of these days.

I've also thought about what to do with the barrel when I do get that stock. My Mini 30 is stainless, so I've been kicking around the idea of cutting down the barrel so that with a brake pinned/welded in place, it's 16.1" long and legal.

This would give me the shortest possible barrel/OAL of the rifle, and should in theory, make it group better with the shorter barrel, and weight of the brake on there to dampen harmonics.
yea im glad the cat is gone that thing couldve taken down a horse if it had wanted. fish and wildlife gave the ok to kill so peta can bite my a**.

the sparta stock is fantastic it improved my groups alot gun fits very well in the stock without having to do anything to it. i have minor grips tho and yes they are very minor. 1 the price of the stock should inlude a heat shield so you dont have to reuse your old one. and 2. its a bit heavy but you get used to it.

yea if you were to cut your barrel down you deff have to have the flash suppresor welded on to make it legal. cutting my barrel down was my first thought but i am doing all the machining my self and im not comfortable with my ability to recrown as of yet lolotherwise i woulda taken 2" off so that my over all length wouldve been 18.3 or so with the vortex installed but maybe ill work on my recorwning ability on scrap steel and give it a try lol.
how much does that beast of a stock weigh?
how much does that beast of a stock weigh?
They are heavy. I think mine added a 1lb to my mini between the stock and the site.

Sent from behind my anvil in ye olde smithy
yea i with the scope and bipod weighs in at 9 pounds when im all done with accu strut and and vortex flash hider i should be just under 10 pounds... a little heavy i might end up doing some customizing of the stock to lighten it up lol
Nice shooting! Nice looking rifle!
yea i with the scope and bipod weighs in at 9 pounds when im all done with accu strut and and vortex flash hider i should be just under 10 pounds... a little heavy i might end up doing some customizing of the stock to lighten it up lol
Ouch... should call that the 14 heavy:lol:
Welcome to the forum. Nice shooting and beautiful mini !!! God Bless :)
hey thanks guys yea 14 heavy should be her name lol. my accu-strut came today 6" lt model just waiting on my 1/2-28 die and my vortex to come. hopfully tomorrow
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