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5.45X39 Barrels

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Who makes these bbls. Where can I get one ?
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Originally posted by Flak 2
I'm not sure anyone makes just the barrels available for sale. Alexander Arms makes a complete upper half or complete rifle. I believe they call it the 21 Ghengis or something like that. The standard AR bolt face would also have to be opened up a little for the bigger case head of the 5.45X39.:(
Unless you are a good gunsmith,I'd recomend going with the complete upper. Headspacing can be trickey,and I'd rather have the "factory" do it,that way,someone else is responsible if somthing bad should happen!
I've got an Alexander Arms 21 Ghengis upper,and it is top notch! They also have a very good customer service. In regards to the bolt face, the way it was explained to me was that theirs were manufactured for the shell,and NOT merely "opened up",as doing so would hurt the integrity of the metal,and weaken it severly! Their chambers are also specially made for the steel case Russian ammo,so NO FEEDING PROBLEMS!
It is a real "kick" to shoot(BUT has LESS kick than the .223)! And they pack more PUNCH down range than the .223! AND they are cheaper to shoot!They also use unmodified regular AR15 mags!!!


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