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45* sights options

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I am currently looking at 45* sights for a tactical Ruger mini 14 that I will have very soon.

If you look at the picture, you'll notice the top rail is pretty far forward on the gun. This has discouraged me from using the peep/ghost ring type sights that most 45* ones are. I would think they would difficult to use when the rear sight would be so far away from my eye. Last night I found these from XS:

While these aren't the most precise sights, they would allow for speed and I hope reasonable accuracy at short range. (I plan on having a scope mounted on top of the rifle for mid to long range and precision.)

Again if you look at the rifle pic, the sights would only be about 7" apart, halfway up the gun. (It's a 7" rail) Would these be the best option, or something else?
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