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44 MAG Favorite loads?

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No 44 Mag threads going. Heres one. Who loads for the 44? What is the load? My favorite load is with a 300 gr cast lead bullet.

FC Brass
Federal LP Primers.
18.0 gr 2400 Powder
Lyman mould 429265(?) GC 300 gr
1.700 OAL
Heavy Crimp
Gravity Ejection of cases!

10 rnd avg. 1401 fps / 1308 fpe
Avg Deviation 14 fps (extreme 54 fps)
7-1/2" BBL (SBH)

This is 6 rounds of it at 50 yds. Sandbagged at the bench just to see what it was capable of, and sighting in purposes. I was trying for target zero, so POA was 6 O'Clock and when it came back like this I said good enough and didnt fiddle with it! I probably dont need 1400 fps so I may just trim this load back to 1250 or so

For reference purposes only! It may work for me but you and your gun may be in trouble if you try this load without working it up slowly like you should. Safety first!

Aint 44's Grand?! :cannon:


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It isn't showing off when you can shoot that well Jeff; it's a FACT. There was a time when I could see my sights and the targets that far away and could do the same thing you did. And, Like you say, it was no big deal. All I had to do is trust my sights and my ability and I'd done that enough so that it was automatic.

But it was good to see you do it and to do it with that unassuming humility that comes from simply doing it and KNOWING that you can do it. I've seen plenty of people just get mad as hell when I used to say that I made shots like you made. They'd say that nobody can do that with a handgun.

And they were wrong. Of course, those were usually the same buckos that thought Jack O'Connor was the greatest thing since sliced bread and that Elmer Keith, who had forgotten more about shooting than O'Connor ever knew, was a dunce. But, what's new about any of that? It's human nature.

But THAT is exactly why we have the group of men at the shoot out that you saw there. All of them know you can do it if you shoot enough because most of those guys are shooters themselves and they know what a good shot is capable of. Most people have never even seen a good shot since we stopped the military draft and so they do not know. And more's the pity.
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Good shootin Jeff. What kinda sight pic for shots like that? Hold all the front sight up over the rear and point it to 6 o'clock on the gong or sight above the gong or what?
I used two guns both 223, open sighted Contender, and a scoped Lone Eagle. Hold over on the scoped gun was the point where the duplex went from heavy to thin, sitting on top of the target. Open sights: front sight held about 1/2 above rear and a center hold. I lucked up and hit the gong with a 9mm Glock twice out of 10 rounds. Stretched the barrel.He He.
Horse Hockey! Jeff, you can shoot with anybody I've ever seen.
Haven't seen you shoot for speed as well as accuracy, but ........
well, I ain't pickin' no fights with you! ;)

Shootin' is pretty much shootin', for th' most part anyway, and accuracy will always be the most critical factor. As Bill Jordan said in his book, "No Second Place Winner," " ....... speed's fine, but accuracy's final." And as either he or Jeff Cooper put it (I disremember which), "All of recorded history fails to record a single instance of death due to a quick, loud noise."

Those boys have been around a LOT more gunfights than I have, or ever WANT to be around, for that matter. Sure seems like good advice to me.

Besides, the way you shoot, you've got them before they ever GET to within conventional "pistol range!"

I ain't worryin' about YOU a BIT! :D
Bwanna Blackwater

Me and tha Doo Dah got it figered out. Ole Jeff here is a dang space alien! Thass how come he can shoot so good. We recognized him from that time they picked us up and he was probably in that ship that TRIED to get me and Dub that night in the frozen duck pond. I suspected him all along.

Take a good look at those beady eays of his nexx time you get close to him. I'm telling you thay ain't human cuz human's can't see that good way off like that.

Yep. He's a dang space alien allright and I think we oughta figer out us a ceremony to make him admit it at the 5 th annual. Whatcha think?
Yeah, BP, I kinna' suspected sumthin' lak that. Either that or he got ice water flowin' thru his veins. I doan thank ice water'd keep 'im goin' lak he does, though, so it's gotta' be th' space alien thang.

Heah inna' Southland, though, we gotta' whole lotta' re-spect fer ANY kinna' bein' what kin shoot lak THAT, though, so I count th' rascal azza' friend. Heck! I've done worser'n hang 'round wid space aliens. I hang 'round yew an' Doo Dah an' Dub an' all them udders, doan I????

Ol' Jeffy's a dang fine feller, even if he IS a dang space alien.

Ya' know, us Southren boys allus liked "hot" rides. It wuz Southren moonshiners what invented stock car racin', ya' know, so mebbee ol' Jeffy'll let us ride in his space ship. I bet that's be a DANG excitin' ride. I'm jes' goan insist that he doan let YEW do no DRIVIN'!!! Not after what ya' done ta' ol' Dub in that duckpond! Even I ain't THAT dumb!!!!

Whacha' thank? Reckon he'd give th' keys ta' ol' Cisco mebbee???
I bet he could keep it 'tween th' ditches an' hedges.
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Weeeeell, I doan know about ole Cisco cuz I hadda pull the sumbitch outta a mud hole when we went down to clean up camp for the 4 th annual so he may be able to keep it between the ditches but he can't stay outta mud holes. So what's tha difference? He had that big ole Chevy truvk of his that won't turn around in a 40 acre field sunk about up to the axel at that time. Yep. He was stuck right smack dab inna middle of the road!!!
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