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44 MAG Favorite loads?

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No 44 Mag threads going. Heres one. Who loads for the 44? What is the load? My favorite load is with a 300 gr cast lead bullet.

FC Brass
Federal LP Primers.
18.0 gr 2400 Powder
Lyman mould 429265(?) GC 300 gr
1.700 OAL
Heavy Crimp
Gravity Ejection of cases!

10 rnd avg. 1401 fps / 1308 fpe
Avg Deviation 14 fps (extreme 54 fps)
7-1/2" BBL (SBH)

This is 6 rounds of it at 50 yds. Sandbagged at the bench just to see what it was capable of, and sighting in purposes. I was trying for target zero, so POA was 6 O'Clock and when it came back like this I said good enough and didnt fiddle with it! I probably dont need 1400 fps so I may just trim this load back to 1250 or so

For reference purposes only! It may work for me but you and your gun may be in trouble if you try this load without working it up slowly like you should. Safety first!

Aint 44's Grand?! :cannon:


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I would like to jump in here and ask one of you experienced fellows a question about powder. I have just started reloading for the 44mag. I went into the store to buy powder, I had settled on bullseye from some light reading on the subject. The man that works at the store recomended unique with some 240gr. swchp lead cast. After working up a load "light" 10.4 gr. and I was really impressed! I did notice that it really leaded up the old 29 but Ive got a group displayed over my bench that you could nearly cover with a Morgan silver dollar at 25 yds. This was my first bunch and I know that it can be improved upon. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I am willing and very excited about learning the ropes from you guys. I have always been a 44mag fan.:sniper:
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