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Yes, .357 inch diameter BULLETS can be used to reload .35 Rem CARTRIDGES. "Jacketed heads" or indeed "heads" of any type will almost certainly not work.

The term "bullet head" is used to refer to a bullet by speakers who are under the delusion that "cartridge" and "bullet" are synonymous.

*A bullet is only one part of a cartridge.
*A cartridge comprises a cartridge case, a bullet, a primer, and some gunpowder.
*A bullet is the metallic projectile that comes out of the front of the gun when it is fired.

But yes, I know what you mean. That's immaterial.

The fact that the wrong term is frequently used and I know what you mean doesn't make it correct. This is a gun board, after all. Words have meanings, and names matter. A barrel is not a rifle, and nobody wants to be called PigBat, because that SOB is a crotchety, cantankerous, pedantic bastage (although, in the spirit of not chastising a newbie, I did note that you aren't new here, so I'm not completely mean-spirited).
Words have meanings, and names matter.

It's really not hard at all; there are only 4 parts of a cartridge. In fact, it's significantly easier to call things by their correct names than to come up with convoluted neologisms like "bullet head".
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