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30mm Low Rings, where to get???...

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Ruger has redesignated their ring heights recently.
Medium height is now called "low".
The original 30mm low rings measured .315".
Can these be found anywhere or by another manufacturer?

I am mounting an Aimpoint and don't need any height whatsoever.

I bet Ruger didn't sell many of the low rings and just stopped making them. Forgetting that people may want to mount red dots on any of the Ruger rifles. But I know they don't care.

I called and they said they still had the low height, ordered some, they were not low. Returned them asking them to reimburse me for the return shipping 'cus it was their mistake. They didn't do it.

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I am mounting an Aimpoint 5000 HD.
Its the same thing as the Comp, but longer.
So it will fit the ranch rifle.

Those S&K rings look great, and really low, .125".
Not the .315 Rugers low use to be.

Expensive, but worth it to me.
Thanks guys.
Called S&K, they make ruger 1" low rings, but no 30mm yet.
(S&K low = .125", new Ruger "low" = .435")
Give me a break!
Don't get me wrong, Ruger rings are excellent quality wise.
Just toooo damn high!
A scope should be as close to the bore as possible.
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