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3 Brand-New-First time-Tactical Items M16/Ar15

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M-33 HandGuard
With decades of experience designing homeland defense products for the Israeli Military, our Company is pleased to offer the following: In today's World First Samco products (Fobus Holsters) have become very important to Civilian , Law Enforcement , and Military groups all over the World. Our recent focus has been on the development of an innovative mounting system for the M-16/AR15 along with popular accessories to compliment the M-33 handguard.

Built to military specification, the M-33 will fit all M-16/AR15 style carbine rifles. Produced from special high density polymers injected into ultra precision molds, with rails molded directly into the handguards top and bottom halves. The rails will accept any accessory with a Picatinny or Weaver base. The design of the rails are such that the user will not notice any additional bulk or weight added to the handguards. Lasers, lights, optics, bi-pods, and other mission specific accessories can be easily mounted on the rails. A sliding cover is provided to protect the rails when not in use and enhance the operator's grip upon the handguards. The use of a stainless steel heat shield within the M-33 handguard acts as a heat sink to dissipate the high temperatures encountered during sustained rapid fire sequences.

A family of accessories has been designed that are combat proven, rugged, lightweight, affordable and easy to install and use. Impervious to hot or cold conditions, no gunsmithing or special fitting is required with these accessories. All First Samco products carry a lifetime warranty.
Your Cost $79.99 + $6.00 S&H

BP1-Harris Bi-Pod Adaptor for the Picatinny Rail System
This will mount right onto the new Fobus M-33 HandGuard.
Your Cost $36.00 + $5.50 S&H

VGI-Vertical Grip Picatinny Rail M-16
Vertical Grip to be mounted on Picatinny Rail M-33 HandGuard. This was developed to fit handguards equipped with a Weaver or Picatinny rail system. "Use of the Vertical Grip will allow a natural "fighting stance" hold on your rifle. This allows you to position your hands with one one the Pistol Grip and the other on The Vertical Grip, allowing for improvement in both the reaction time needed to get "on target" and muzzle control during rapid fire will be noticed.

The Vertical Grip may be positioned, and held firmly, on the rail by simply pressing the lock button and sliding to the intended location and then releasing. No tools or gunsmithing required.
Your Cost $49.95 + $5.50 S&H

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This can be seen at-

Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd
PO Box 134
Palenville ,NY 12463
[email protected]


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