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Every Mini (or firearm) is different. Randy's sugestion on zeroing the thing with the most common ammo has some merit to it.

"I have talked about this issue many times in my threads about sighting the guns in.
What I do is sight all my Carbines in using a commonly available ammunition.
In my case that has been Federal American Eagle. YMMV>

However 99% of my shooting is done with my own hand loaded ammo. It consists of a Hornady 55 gr FMJBT (Military Overruns at .07 each) 25 gr of W748/BL-C2 in factory new primed cases I got from Midsouth. This is not a hot load but it functions perfectly in all my carbines. (Mini 14, AR, SCR, and KT SU16.) There is about 100 fps difference in velocity between the factory ammo and my handloads which only changes the elevation about 1" at 200 yards.

The reason for this is in a pinch I can grab a box of the factory ammo form whatever source I can find it, and know exactly where it is going to shoot.
As long as you know what the gun is going to do you can compensate for it, and small differences in POI are not going to make any difference when using the guns for their truly intended purpose. This keeps it simple and you don't have to worry about where a round is going to go, because you already know where it is going to go.

Endless searching for that Golden BB that puts every shot thru the same hole is pointless when the gun or more properly the shooter is incapable of doing it. You are looking for "Predictable Consistency." in "Commonly Available Ammunition."

That's what will provide you with the best possible performance for your weapon and you as well.

Something to think about as we go foreword in this country.

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