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.223 noob question

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Hi all, new to this forum.

Don't laugh too hard, but I'm pushing for a Mini-14 for Christmas for myself (or at least some funds from the wife to help towards one), and with the recent ".223 evil caliber" scare going on, figured I might as well start stocking up on it now before it and the rest of the 'high powered military nuclear rifles' are banned. Especially don't laugh, seeing I live in LA, where they just banned the 50bmg, and are pusing to ban all sales of 'hunting calibers' like 00 buck!! I also figured I might as well order/buy it on the National Ammo day, Nov 9th.

Anyway, I know about Zero, zilch, nada, about the .223 variations and am looking for a generic decent quality, inexpensive brand/grain/type of .223 to order before I start all the reading up on it. Any basic ideas of where to start?

For instance, if someone asked me the same question, but regarding 10mm auto for pistols, I would direct them to Georgia arms 180gr gold dot jhp's. Cheap, reliable, effective for SD and practice.

thx! :usa:
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El Capitan -

Try your local Wal-Mart; I get Remmington UMC there for around $3.99 a box. You can also get great deals on Winchester Rounds made in Isreal right on the net. I would also shop at Turners if I lived in So. Cali.

We can't let a wacko in D.C. put the rest of us Red Blooded Law Abiding Americans to shame.

They used to hang a man for stealing a horse.

You don't see this idiot trying to sniper in Texas!

Take care bud and get that Mini!
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