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.223 AR loads

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I would like to work up some handloads for my AR15 .223 Bushmaster Varminter 1 in 9 twist, 24 inch barrel. Would appreciate your sharing any of your favorite handloads for all bullet weight ranges. Especially interested in maximizing accuracy for varmint, tactical or match purposes. Let me know how the loads have performed in your rifle. Thanks.
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I use 23.5 grains of Accurate 2015 with a 52 hpbt sierra match bullet. this load is somewhat slow, so if you need a little more speed it could be worked up. Check your manual. Another good load for me in my 1-9 is 24 grains of Hodgdons H335 with the same 52 grain bullet. IMR/Hodgdon 4895 is another posibility. Kerwin
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