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.223 AR loads

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I would like to work up some handloads for my AR15 .223 Bushmaster Varminter 1 in 9 twist, 24 inch barrel. Would appreciate your sharing any of your favorite handloads for all bullet weight ranges. Especially interested in maximizing accuracy for varmint, tactical or match purposes. Let me know how the loads have performed in your rifle. Thanks.
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Originally posted by Deputy Al@Dec 24 2003, 12:12 AM
I have used AR's 69 MK/25.0 WW-748 load since the bullets hit the market, and they just drive tacks--even in Mini-14s. Once "secret" to success with ball powders like 748 is to use W-W primers with them--these apparently have an aluminum oxide additive in the primer mix that does good things with ball powders. As always, work the load up in YOUR rifle from 10% below.
Although not that much of a problem in mini's or bolt actioons, but since we are talking AR's, and since they utilize a free-floating firing pin, new Winchester primers tend to slam-fire after the bolt is released. They are aware of this problem, as the cup is quite soft.

One good tip is to use Rem 7 1/2 primers--benchrest primers for a good price (less than Fed Gold Medal)
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