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I recently picked up an M6 Scout from Springfield (22 hornet/410 shotgun). I have been considering chambering it for 22 k hornet. Any thoughts on the matter? I have been told I will still be able to shoot factory ammo with no problems (and get more k brass in the process :) ). The brass is made by fireforming, so I guess it makes sense. I just can't help thinking that you don't get anything for free. There has to be a downside. Anyone know what it is I have missed?

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The main drawback to fire forming brass is when the parent cartridge is a lot smaller than the child cartridge. This really thins the metal especially at the body thickness. In the case of the 22 hornet and the 22-k- hornet the gain is case capacity and shoulder uniformity.
Because the 22 hornet does not have the greatest cup's (40,000) it is not a big deal. You will probably realize 1/2 the case life of a fire formed shell than a factory formed round.
That said the chances of finding factory rounds are slim and expensive. since the new round wont chamber in any other rifle the headstamp is probably not important either.

It is not too good to be true and the practicality is fine as long as the bullet chambers to the throat of the rifle. Since the 22 and the 22k are the exact same length fire away. As always know the signs of case wear, and trim-to-length as necessary.:usa:

for a picture of these cases check out varmint al's
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