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2013 has been very exciting at Swarovski

* The great value and performance the new STS/ATS HD scopes are priced at.

* New revolutionary design and performance of the ATX/STX system.

* The new TLS APO / DCB II adaptors for digiscoping

* Their very popular EL RANGE is now ready to ship and in stock!

All systems are go and they are delivering some great optics that are cutting edge in quality, performance and style.

It's been frantically busy and exciting so far this year with Swarovski The rerelease of the STS/ATS HD scopes ( ATS-65 HD, STS-65 HD, ATS-80 HD, & STS-80 HD ) at new lower pricing has created renewed interest in these wonderful scopes. Many folks have been grabbing them with a demo eyepiece and getting an ever greater deal that way. The reviews of these scopes has been tremendous and if you have been following forum threads on Swarovski Customer Service you know that they have a wonderful reputation. When you buy a Swarovski optic you are also buying their customer service. They are always there to assist you whether you have a situation or are just looking for advice, their customer service reps are always able to assist you.

With the addition to the industry of the new Swarovski Modular Spotting scope System available with your choice of 65mm, 85mm & 95mm tubes and ATX Angled Eyepiece or STX Straight Eyepiece

ATX / STX 25-60x65

The compact traveller

Anyone who enjoys travelling or long days in the field needs a spotting scope that is compact and light. This spotting scope is perfect for anyone looking for outstanding optical performance, a large field of view and impressive close-range focusing, even with a relatively small 65-mm objective lens diameter.

ATX / STX 25-60x85

The powerful all-rounder

This spotting scope can do it all. No matter whether it's taken on your travels or if you're spending all day in the reed beds, with the 85-mm spotting scope you are well equipped for every situation.

This is the best choice for anyone wanting to travel light and who also appreciates outstanding quality. Its light transmission, zoom range and close focus (3.6 m/11.8 ft) make it the perfect digiscoping tool.

ATX / STX 30-70x95

The perfect frontiersman

There's never been anything like it: a spotting scope with such outstanding detail resolution and up to 70x magnification. This even pushes optical tests to their limits. Despite the 95-mm objective lens, this is a slim spotting scope weighing in at just 2 kilograms (75 oz).

In a nutshell, it ticks all the boxes for any birder wanting to discover an albatross gliding past an oceanic headland.

Please click here for a video and some detail

No Spotting Scope detail would be complete without taking a look at Digiscoping (Photography using your spotting scope) Lot's of people hear the term "Digiscope" and immediately panic. Now there is no longer a reason for that.
Please take a look at these basic Digiscoping combinations.

When using the Swarovski TLS APO for ATS/STS/ATM/STM (Part#49311) or Swarovski DCB II for ATS/STS/ATM/STM (Part#49211) digiscoping is a breeze.

Here is a link to the Swarovski Camera Adapter page as well as their Swarovski Digiscoping page each of which makes this wonderful extended use of your spotting scope come to life in an easy fashion.

To make it even easier here is a link to the Swarovski You Tube Digiscoping Videos page.

Moving right along let's touch on the EL RANGE which is now ready to ship and in stock (finally)! This unit has been on allocation and near impossible to have ready to ship since it's release over a year ago. Swarovski has finally gotten production to meet demand (no small task BTW).
The EL Range redefines hunting equipment. A single instrument combines the capability of razor-sharp, top-quality optics with precise measuring. Highest transmission values, low weight, and the widest field of view in its class literally set new standards for optics and precise measuring.
Available in an EL Range 8x42 as well as an EL Range 10x42

Please take a look at this Extensive EL Range page from the Swarovski site to get all the detail as well as a great video.

As a Swarovski Authorized Dealer we also have access to an array of Swarovski Demo & Sample Product which is a nice way to save a few $$$ when purchasing your Swarovski Optic.

It is our pleasure to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to contact us @ 212-753-5128.
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