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New here,everyone seems to know alot about mini's.I have a S.S R.R with a black stock.Couple of guestions? Is it the 19$ M.B from j Mason that people are using? Why does R.R kick brass so much farther then a Mini and can anything be done about it. ALlso seems like a trigger job is a good investment.

Thank You
Paul J

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Welcome to the forum paul. most of us have the Blackwarrior double muzzle brake, which is the same as John mason.

The ejector is different on the Ranch, as it is made to be more scope friendly. My ranch thru brass up to 60 ft, once a case stuck in a side bord of my shooting bench like a dart. The recoil can greatly be reduced by installing a gas port bushing kit avail from Mike Knifong. I sent him my trigger group, and got the bushing kit. The trigger is a smooth 3 1/2#, and after installing a smaller gas port bushing the brass plops down about 10 ft. Also the recoil is greatly reduced.

Ask Mike for his info packet, and watch for combo deals. It will save ya some bucks. ;)

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