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that's mighty sharp!
what all have you done with it??
Thankyou, The gun started as a 1991 series 80 Colt. Standard GI type entry level Colt , paid 250.00 new. It stayed that way for a few years and then I decided it was time , I new what I wanted and it started like this
1. Frame to slide fit. remove all slop
2. Wilson drop in hammer and beaver tail.
3. Greider trigger
4. 3.5 lb trigger job
5. EGW over sized barrel bushing
6. Wolff extra power recoil spring 18.5 lb. 16 is standard
7. Milled the slide to remove roll stamp on right side , lightly milled the left side so the lettering did not have a heavy roll mark.
8. Reblued gun ( Black )
9. Custom grips.
10. Noavk cut on barrel , Novak sights
11. TJs series 80 to series 70 conversion shim

Barrel, barrel link , mainspring , and other items were in great shape and real tight , will address those later. At this moment its being fitted with the briley spherical barrel bushing.

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LOVE the RR A-1 !!
is that a dent in the mag just below the latch notch? if it is you should grab a few more mags for it "just in case"......
or, flatten it with some strong needle nosed pliers.

VERY nice old pistol !
I see what you are looking at, didn't notice that on the pic before.
It is just some weird spot on the finish of the mag, no dent or deformation present
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