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Hello everyone I am new to the group. Sorry but this is going to be a long post, as I have alot of questions. I just recently found this forum and have read alot of posts but still haven't fdecided exactly what I want to do. So thank you in advance.

I have an older, non-ranch, 182 series Mini-14. I would like to do a little upgrading to it to make it shoot better. I am assuming that it has what I have seen referred to as a "pencil" barrel, but I am not positive. It has a muzzle brake with a sight on it that is held to the barrel with a little roll pin. It also has a perforated heat tube (not sure the correct name) over the barrell held on by set screws. It is missing the rear sight because when I got it it had a scope mount that used the rear sight bracket, and clamped down to the front of the receiver with a set screw, which was horrible. So I contemplating my options: either take it to Accuracy Systems Inc and have them do a conversion with a heavier barrel and the works, or try a barrel strut and order a new rear sight and go that route. I am not looking to make it a target rifle as I have a bolt action for that, just want it to be a reliable shooting gun for fun, and self defense if needed. I am not an AR-15 fan so I don't want to get rid of the mini for something else. if I take it to ASI I will have about $900 into it, not sure if I want to do that or not. So what do you all think? Have some general new guy questions:

1-The muzzle brake with the front sight can be slightly wiggled by hand, should the roll pin hold it completely tight or will htere be a little movement?

2-Is a barrel strut the way to go? IF so-What type of barrel strut do you all reccomend? I looked at the Accu-Strut website (LT model?)

3-Right now it has a bi-pod on it, can you still have a bi-pod with the accu-strut?

4-Open sights or scoped? I have a B-square mount ordered, to use open or scope, have read a couple reveiws. Or ASI will drill and tap a solid scope mount.

5-Or spend the money and let ASI do a conversion?

Thank you for any input, and sorry for the long post. Please chime in with anything I have forgotten (which I know I have). Maybe this evening I can figure out how to post some pictures.

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;)Try the barrel strut 1st-cheapest way to go.Remember that with a barrel strut it has to be tuned to that ammo and only that ammo-or else if you change ammo,or loads-you will have to "retune it". Lots of scopemounts out there-some need tapping some don't.Do Not get the kind that goes onto the left side of the reciever and replaces the bolt release side cover,total POS!Biased answer yes!Asi does good work and has prices for it!Personally I would do whatever the minimum to get it to shoot well and wait to see if this AWB2 comes to fruition!It could be bypassed without incident,or-it could become a jail sentence for even saying mini fourteen!All transactions should be in green-because ink and/or plastic leaves trails!:unsure:

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first things first...

get that loose front sight and FH combo fixed - doesn't matter how tight a gun shoots if you can't aim it properly.
then get that rear Iron replaced unless you intend to put some sort of optical sight on there.

then you can start thinking about accurizing the rifle.

what I would do: get On the horn with John baker (AKA "gundoc")
and see what he can do to put your front sight issue in order... pin on stuff is fine for just a brake or flash hider but not "do it yourself sights" IMHO. unless you are buying top shelf stuff (I've heard good things about the MO Reaper brake/sight combo.) He may be able to solder it on, or add some set screws to it to get it rock solid.
he also may have a take off rear iron that he could sell you , or better yet... maybe see if he can get the sight mount that came with the gun mounted up properly. if that won't work I'm sure he is perfectly capable of installing a drilled and tapped mount for you if you want.
while he's at it, have him do you a trigger job.
if you are really intent on spending some money, have him do a barrel chop to 16" and then re install your FH/sight.
you'll still come out WAY under 900 dollars (like 2/3s less) and your gun will be ready to rock...

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1) The sight should not move. I would try some locktight to go along with the rollpin first. (Don't use the permanent locktight, not sure of the color)

2) Yes.

3) No.

4) On a standard mini like you have I would stay with open sights. The Tech Sight would probably be a worthwhile improvement.

5) Save your money and do the strut and improved iron sights first. Gatting a heavy barrel would be a better upgrade if installed on a scope friendly Ranch Rifle mini. If your not going to have a scoped mini, then a heavy barrel probably is not going show noticible accuracy improvement unless you have eagle eyes. The sideplate mini scope bases are notoriously poor as they are not a stable platform. The S & K mount is the way to go on these older minis if you must have a scope on it.
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