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181 series Mini

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Does anyone else have a series 181 Mini-14? I know its an older model but I've never had a problem with it after 3 thousand rounds or so. Mostly reloads and never a malfunction with good magazines.
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Ron, I have a 181 series Mini that I am starting to accurize,with accessories and things talked about by cajungeo and some others.I was typically getting lousy groups at 100 yds. with std. ammo or reloads-didn't matter.Then I found this forum site and have started to turn around the gun,accuracy wise.Never had any reliability problems,though.Got that gun from a newspaper ad for $89.00 years ago,with 6 -20 rnd. mags and 200 rnds ammo.
hey cajungeo, Yea,I know I got a real deal-stole it from him,really. One of those "I need money for a divorce lawyer " deal. Felt sorry for the guy, but only for a minute-hee,hee. I know,I'm real bad ! And yes, they were Ruger mags all in those red/white cardboard sleeves Ruger used to put them in. (maybe they still do). But will spend some time and bucks to get it to shoot better,as I've read you and others have done.Hey-it's a challenge ! My blue was made in Oct. '79,and my s.s. was made in Oct. '80-what a co-incidence-huh ? First I'm going to build my M1A up from the receiver I just got today.That will be my labor of love. Had to sell my first M1A in MY divorce 13 years ago,and regretted it ever since. life in the big city,as they say. Also plan on a scope for the blue Mini. BILL:2guns:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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