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180 series stock

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My resto project continues and now I find myself in need of a 180 series stock. Prefer OEM but will consider any aftermarket stock specifically sized for the 180 series gun. I'll buy yours or trade you one of the stocks I have in the shop.
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Here's a 180 stock on E-bay, any chance you've got a 180 gas tube (pipe) or gas block?
if so please e-mail me at jah748gord AT

Ruger Mini 14 Stock Post 180 Series | eBay
Hi Jack, Thanks for thinking of me with my stock request. Sadly, this one on eBay is actually a Post 180 model. Sorry to say that I have nothing in the gas block grouping to help with your needs.
Still looking for a stock.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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