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One week ago today was the 16th anniversary of the fabled FBI-Miami Firefight in which an eight-man rolling stake-out squad was shot to pieces by one nightmare-ishly hard guy named Michael Platt. Had his partner-in-crime, William Matix, pulled his own freight in the furious 4½ minute engagement, the cost to the FBI would undoubtedly been greater than two KIA and five WIA.

There have been no less than three TV re-enactments of the 11 April 1986 firefight, none more inept than ABC's half-hour "FBI: The Untold Stories" in 1991, as well as a nicely-produced "in-house" FBI training video with interviews of three of the surviving SAs. A fanciful narrative about the event was also included in the middle of John Ross' epic Unintended Consequences, fictional elements of which… specifically the kinky sex scene between two SAs and a waitress in a South Dixie restaurant… have assumed the mantle of a verity.

One volume, Dr. French Anderson's richly detailed Forensic Analysis of the April 11, 1986, FBI Firefight, which has done a great deal to set the record straight about what actually happened that day, actually caused the Dade County Medical Examiner to revise his official post mortem report.

I've long been a student of that seminal event, even since I caught a fascinating two-hour debriefing by Crime Scene Investigator, Sgt. David Rivers of Metro-Dade PD, in Fall 1987. Using notes from that, plus Dr. Anderson's book and the FBI's own extensive files released under a FOIA request, TGZ has updated its pages, The Ultimate After Action Report! in observance of the anniversary of that violent encounter, and in an effort to correct a couple of unfortunate mis-apprehensions.
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